The MELGES24 fleet hits the Lewis & Clarke Trail for epic sailing on the Columbia River at Cascade Locks, Oregon, July 18-22.

The MELGES24 NorAm Championship (also the North Americans) is Stage 2 of the 2017 MELGES24 NorAm Tour. Sailors will travel from around North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to experience what many of the sport’s top sailors consider one of the best big wind sailing venues in the world. 600-foot waterfalls cascading from the steep1500-foot tree and rock-lined walls of the Columbia River add to the unparalleled sailing experience.

Leading the 2017 NorAm Tour after Stage 1US Nationals are Brian Porter’s Full Throttle (2017 and seven-time US Nationals Champion, 2013 World Champion), John Brown’s Blind Squirrel (2nd place at 2017 US Nationals), and local (Anacortes, WA) native, Kevin Welch’s Mikey.

Traveling from Atlanta, Georgia is current Corinthian Division leader, KC Shannon’s Shaka. (Please see NorAm Leaderboard for full ranking) Shaka will be welcomed by a strong Corinthian fleet including the 2015 US Gorge Nationals Corinthian Champions, Matt MacGregor and Keith Hammer’s Good Enough of Seattle and 2016 NorAm Tour Corinthian leader Wet Coast Sailing’s Sunnyvale and runner up Duncan Stamper’s Goes to Eleven.

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NorAm Championship

Melges24 NorAm Tour 2017 Results

The three-Stage 2017 MELGES24 NorAm Tour delivers top-level racing in some of North America’s most popular sailing venues.

Stage 1- MELGES24  US Nationals, Charleston (April 7-9)

As has been the case for maritime battles for centuries the MELGES24  fleet will be tested by a sensational physics lab known as the complex current of Charleston Harbor. Beautiful Charleston will entertain teams each night with fine Low Country cuisine and great live music at the many restaurants and clubs.

Stage 2- MELGES24 NorAm Championship Cascade Locks July 19-22

The MELGES24 NorAm Championship features what many consider one the top big wind venues in the world- Cascade Locks, on the Columbia River Gorge.  Sailors will find ample warm wind funneling through 1500-foot tree-lined walls with 600-foot waterfalls fed by snow-capped volcanoes. The treadmill (river) that  boosts the fleet upwind will continue the gift by “artificially” extending the runs. The MELGES24 fleet will get more of what they love through the 24 plus-knot race to the leeward marks.

Stage 3MELGES24 Canadian Nationals, Toronto September 21-24

Along the northeast shore of Lake Ontario. late September delivers great wind to this fresh water venue between the Midwest and the Atlantic seaboard. After racing on Lake Ontario in the day the fleet will be treated to the metropolis of Toronto which comes alive at night. It is fitting that the final Stage of the 2017 MELGES24 NorAm Tour will be in eastern Canada since the opening Stages of the 2018 Tour on the west coast in Victoria, BC.
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